Donnerstag, August 24, 2006

Pear - Cinnamon - Vanilla - Jam

Deliciousdays are hosting the SHF #22 with the title "Can you can?". Sure, I can, I even love to can.
I tried a new recipe for a pear - jam. I never ate pear jam before so I was very curious about it.

This mixture of my most beloved spices (vanilla + cinnamon) with pears is very delicious. I bought "Santa Maria" pears; because they were very ripe and juicy, I didn't have to add extra pear juice as suggested in the recipe.
The cook book is called Zimt (sorry, only in German language) and it has wonderful recipes and photos for cinnamonoholics like me.
We were so surprised that this simple jam came out tasting so great that I wanted to repeat this "success". I didn't have enough pears, so I supplemented the needed one kilo with bananas. Not too bad either.

Title: Pear-Cinnamon-Vanilla-Jam
Categories: Jam, Pears,

1kg of pears
Juice of one lemon
500g preserving sugar 2:1
3 cinnamon sticks
1 vanilla pod, scored lengthways and seeds removed
100ml white wine
100ml pear juice

Zimt - Das duftende Juwel aus Tausendundeiner Nacht written by Wolfgang Hübner, Michael Wissing published by AT Verlag Baden und München, 2005

Peal the pears and cut into small pieces. Mix the pears with all the other ingredients and start to boil them. Let them boil for two minutes.
Put the jam in glasses that were washed in hot water; close the glasses and turn upside down for five minutes. Therefore let the jam cool in the refigerator. Enjoy!


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