Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2007

My Surprise Parcel from the EBBP#7 arrived!

My surprise parcel from the EBBP#7 organized by Johanna arrived at my house. Sara from The Kitchen Pantry sent me this wonderful parcel from Milano in Italy. Thank you so much for this wonderful and generous variety and for your nice letter!
And I saw on the parcel that you spent a fortune for the post delivery...
Sara packed her favourite childhood sweets in the parcel. And I have to admit: I like them all :-)

She also sent me two homemade goodies: orange-apple jam and pear jam, so yummie!
Sara has a very beautfiful handscript and wrote me a nice letter in which she described all the things in the parcel. Something I never saw before is this sugo:
This sugo is made from tomatoes and cuttlefish ink, I'm really very curious to taste it and thank you for this fine pasta noodles - trofie and these ricciole. We love eating pasta at home. Sara works for the Italian food brand San Lorenzo as a Country blogger for England.

3 Kommentare:

Sara - Piperita hat gesagt…

I'm so happy you loved everything, especially the sweets!!!


thepassionatecook hat gesagt…

what wonderful treats... i just knew sara would spoil you! enjoy...

Anonym hat gesagt…

How fantastic that you got such great childhood sweets! I was talking to my sister about childhood sweets the other day and have you heard of or tried pineapple rock, pear drops or parma violets? In the UK they are traditional childhood sweets.

I remember when my nan used to take me to the sweet shop at the end of the road and get me a bag of flying saucers and liquorice! Its amazing that a smell or taste of a sweet will transport you back to your childhood!