Sonntag, Mai 27, 2007

Euro-Blogging By Post #7 - Childhood Sweets

Thank you Johanna for organizing Euro-Blogging By Post #7. This time it's all about Childhood Sweets and I have to admit that it was so much fun looking for the sweets of my childhood. I found out that most of them are still in the shelves of the stores, sometimes the wrapping has changed a little bit. Here some of the treasures I found and sent:

Sweet coloured rice pops

Thirty years ago when all the fine chocolate brands weren't founded or unkown, the Merci chocolate was something special. My grandmother had always some Merci in her cupboard.

Sizzling sweet and sour powder with the taste of woodruff and chewy cherry candy stripes

I was so happy that I found "Pez". It's a toy which you can fill with candies. You open the top of this toy, you fill in the candies and you can serve the sweets one by one...soon they are empty so I added a refill package.

Chocolate cigarettes - wow ... we were so cool at the age of five when we were "smoking" our chocolate cigarettes ;-)

and, of course, Smarties

Unforgettable, these candy bracelets

My Childhood Sweets package is on its way and goes from Munich to ... a city north of Munich ;-) , sorry, that's all I can tell by now.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

hi claudia! thank you very much for your parcel - i received it yesterday and am absolutely over the moon with it... already enjoying the goodies.. ;)