Dienstag, März 13, 2007

Tortellini Bundt Cake with Spinach and Cheese

Here is my contribution for the Monthly mingle #8 hosted by Meeta.
When I published this "Tortellini Bundt Cake with spinach and cheese" in German on my blog, one of my dear fellow German foodbloggers Foodfreak told me about the monthly mingle "Savory cakes". She wrote in a comment that this recipe would be perfect for this event.
So here I am hoping that you'll like it!
My sweetheart got the savory cake in a small heart form because it was on Valentine's day :-)

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Titel: Tortellini Bundt Cake with spinach and cheese
Kategorien: Tortellini, Pasta, Cheese, Spinach
Menge: 2 persons

150 Gramm cooked spinach
250 Gramm fresh tortellini with your favourite filling
200 Gramm grated cheese

100 ml milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 tbs. flour
grated nutmeg

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nach www.raclette-suisse.de
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-- Claudia

Mix the spinach with the tortellini and the grated cheese. You can fill this mixture in a big buttered bundt cake form or in a few small "mini" bundt cake forms which is even more pretty. So you can serve each of your guests one bundt cake on a plate.

Put together all the ingredients for the topping and spread it over the tortellinis. Bake it in the oven for about 25 minutes on the lowest level(200 degrees Celsius or 390 Fahrenheit). Enjoy!


7 Kommentare:

Meeta K. Wolff hat gesagt…

Looks great and so wonderfully ingenious. Thanks for entering it to the MM.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Was it half as good as it looked? Awesome!

Dianne hat gesagt…

That looks truly stunning! I can only imagine what it tastes like!


Astrid (…and the kitties too) hat gesagt…

wow, der sieht sehr lecker aus - obwohl den spinat müsste ich durch was anderes ersetzen mangold vielleicht oder so... :o)

Linda hat gesagt…

wow this looks just wonderful. what an innovative recipe. love the heart.

Lis hat gesagt…

I can't tell you how good this looks! But I can't help but to wonder.. and forgive me, I'm only assuming you are in Germany? I don't know if that's correct or not? But are your tortellini the same as what we'd have here in the US? They are little rings of pasta filled with cheese (usually) yes? I keep looking at that gorgeous picture and I'm not seeing lil tortellini hehehe

Regardless.. that's the best looking savory cake I've ever seen! =)

Dolce hat gesagt…

@ Lis:
that's right, I am in Munich, Bavaria, Germany! I think you have the same tortellini in the US. If you make these mini bundt cakes you'd better take small tortellini. When you make the mixture it "sticks" better and then you can only discover while eating that this is made from tortellini.

Thank you and all the others for your nice comments!