Samstag, September 16, 2006

Foodblogger's Welcome-Dinner

Angelika from The flying apple launched "Foodblogger's Welcome Dinner" and gave me the honor to take part in it.
First of all: I never ate at Angelika's table, but I hazard a guess that I would never reach her qualities as a host. What I see, when I read the menu card for Tanna and Sue, is a really perfect host.
So, if Foodblogger-Friends announced their coming I would go crazy for weeks: reading cookbooks, looking in shops or at the market for the best and freshest ingredients, choosing recipes, perhaps buying new kitchen gadgets, choosing wine etc.
For me it's important where the guests are from. If they're from abroad or even from overseas I would offer certainly something bavarian within the menu.
I like to have enough time for my guests. Too many preparations could lead to an exhausted host. So, a few dishes should be prepared in advance. Not all the recipes should be new recipes, so I feel more "safe". But al least one recipe should be completely new.

At this season I would perhaps offer:

1. Topinambur-Carpaccio: You slice topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke?), arrange it on a plate, put a mixture of olive oil and butter over it and add pepper, salt and parmesan and put in the hot oven until the cheese is melted (a few minutes).
2. Chestnut-soup: slice celery and onions into cubes, roast in butter, add baked chestnuts, fill up with vegetable stock and cream, boil, season with salt and pepper and mix it up.
3. Saltimbocca á la Romana: veal with parma ham and sage in white wine sauce.
4. Millefeuille of white chocolate, white chocolate mousse and raspberries or selection of cheese, as you like.
5. Cinnamon truffles

I would offer pear-cider as a welcome drink which I discovered last week on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. For the dishes I would offer red white from France (Cahors) or white wine (Entre deux mers/Bordeaux).

Would you like my menu?

So I like to know from five of my fellow bloggers (in alphabetical order), what would you prepare for a "Foodblogger's Welcome-Dinner"?

Billi from Kräutersturm im Hexentopf
Claudia from Fool for Food
Kathi from Kochfrosch
Petra from Chili und Ciabatta
Zorra from 1 x umrühren bitte

Feel free to write in English or in German!

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